Family Beach Shoot at Roseisle, Moray

The summer is the perfect time to update your annual family photos. In moray we are spoilt for choice for locations. Roseisle beach is a popular and perfect choice for not only family photo shoots, but also makes the perfect romantic backdrop for weddings and elopements!

If you're on the lookout for a family photographer in Moray who's not afraid to think outside the box, you are in luck! I'm happy to travel to just about all the beaches in the Moray area at no extra cost, getting the right setting is extremely important to me.

I'll always recommend catching the 'golden hour' for your shoot. This is the hour before the sun sets. The light gives off a flattering glow (reflected by the sand!). You can let the kids run around and capture them having fun, because there are less constraints with the angle of the light at this time of day.

Worried about keeping them up late? Sometimes the sun won't set until after 10pm in the height of summer, but I promise you it is worth it just for one night to keep them up and even bribe them with the promise of treats. I have two girls myself and I assure you it does NOT affect their regular sleep schedule to keep them up every once in a blue moon! If anything, the giggly mischief of children who have been allowed to defy the usual rules actually adds to the fun of your photoshoot.

I'll let the results speak for themselves, below is an example of a family photo shoot that took place at sunset, at Roseisle on the Moray coast. The contrast of the forest, beach and historic concrete structures created an interesting backdrop, and everyone was enjoying themselves in the summer heat. There's an opportunity to paddle, play and jump around to get fun, relaxed photos. If you'd like to see examples of other sessions, have a look HERE

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