Family photo-shoots are definitely one of my favourite sessions! I love documenting your family in one of the many beautiful locations available to us, or within your own home.

I aim to capture your family dynamic when you are most at ease, focusing on gentle guidance into natural poses, capturing raw emotion and expressions.

extended familt photoshoot cragallachie bride moray

The session usually takes place in the early morning or evening. Sometimes it can take a while to get the whole family used to the camera, and that’s okay! I take the time to talk to and get to know your family and what you’re comfortable with. Being an avid explorer I can take you on a little adventure at our location to find the best spots, so just relax and enjoy the journey!

Maternity - Book in for when you are around 35 weeks pregnant for those beautiful round belly pictures and motherly glow. Get your partner or children involved or go for an artistic styled solo session to celebrate motherhood.

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