Preparing for your Newborn Shoot

Here's a quick guide on the steps you need to take after you've booked, and the day of your shoot.

When Baby is Born
When you book a newborn photoshoot, we set an approximate date. All you need to do is let me know ASAP once baby arrives and we can narrow it down to a suitable date before baby gets too big (usually between 7-21 days old, if going for a posed session. Lifestyle sessions can take place at any age.)

The morning of the shoot
Try to keep baby as alert as possible the morning before the shoot. Give baby a bath or tummy time. Try to keep the house bustling and interesting for baby. This means they will sleep later.

Just before the session
Make sure baby has had a big feed and a fresh nappy. Keep baby in simple, unfussy clothing. Make sure not to forget any spare bottles/nipple shields/dummies if they are required!

During the session
We will take as long as needed to get the shots. Some posed sessions may last up to 4 hours if baby does not want to settle. Baby has to be in a deep sleep for some poses so these shoots require patience.